Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hello world, it's me, Gloria Jean!

gloria jean movie queen....really? yes really. it rhymes, "it has a good beat, and you can dance to it!" actually, it was a name given to me by one of my first industry friends and colleagues, Michael Harrelson.  he used it every time we would speak on the phone.  i like it!  now, the G-lo reference? also a moniker given to me by fellow actors in the local indie scene  (probably Preston Hill or Bill Connor)   do the names Kardashian, or J-Lo conjure up any images? anywayyyys. then there's Glo-Ro by Gino Calabro, Glo-Jo, Glow...the list goes on! i LOVE it.

i have never blogged before, which might be painfully apparent to some familiar with the medium.  BUT, i do like to write and blather on so i thought i should put it into some useful form to further my career. 

i will introduce myself more formally on July 25.  but i wanted to give a heads-up that i have decided to do this.

good night and dream sweet!

g-lo, gloria jean, jeannie....